Terms and Conditions.

  • No deposit is required, payment is normally by cheque or bank transfer, which must be received by the owners at least three weeks before the commencement of the holiday. For late bookings after the three week period payment will be cash on the day of arrival at the holiday home. Guests travelling from abroad will have to pay cash on the day of their arrival at the holiday home.
  • On making a booking please give the names and address's of all of the guests who will be staying, including children.
  • Hilltop Bungalow can only accommodate up to three nominated people, thus no more people are allowed to stay there. This figure must not be exceeded.
  • In the event of a cancellation by you after payment has been made we will endeavour to re-let the holiday home and if successful your money will be refunded, otherwise there is no money refund of monies paid. In the event of you having to cut short your holiday part-way through the holiday period you will still be liable for the full amount.
  • We would only cancel your holiday if the bungalow was unavailable for reasons beyond our control. We would endeavour to arrange alternative accommodation for you. However, if this is not possible or not acceptable we would refund all monies paid for the holiday rental. (See also Covid 19 Conditions below).
  • At the commencement of your holiday Hilltop Bungalow will be available for you from 15.00 hours. On your final day of departure it must be vacated by 10.00 hours.
  • On your arrival at Hilltop Bungalow it will have been freshly cleaned and vacuumed throughout. Beds made with clean bed-linen, clean bath, hand and tea towels provided. All crockery, glassware, cutlery and cooking utensils cleaned, dried and ready for use. All furniture and electrical items will have been checked to ensure they are fit for use and working correctly.
  • Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is provided free of charge and does not form part of the booking contract. If for some reason it fails we will do all possible to get it reconnected but there will be no liability on our part for guests wireless devices not being able to access the Wi-Fi nor for outages beyond our control.
  • If guests discover there is something wrong with the property/contents or there is something not to their liking, please notify us at your earliest convenience. We will endeavour to rectify the problem as quickly as possible, within a reasonable time-span.
  • We have a contract with 'Your Repair' whereby if a fault occurs with the bungalow's central/water heating boiler there is a 24/7 hour helpline to contact an engineer to call out and fix the problem.
  • Hilltop Bungalow's central heating gas boiler has an annual safety inspection by engineers from British Gas and Your Repair. A Landlords Certificate is issued by them after every inspection. An up-to-date copy of the Landlords Certificate is available to view and is contained in the Guest Information Booklet at Hilltop Bungalow.
  • All Hilltop's electrical appliances are PAT tested annually by a qualified electrician.
  • All electrical sockets at Hilltop Bungalow have undergone safety checks by a qualified electrician and a Safety Certificate has been issued. A copy of this certificate is available to view and is contained in the Guest Information Booklet at Hilltop Bungalow.   
  • Guests who have an electric car, must not under any circumstances, run an electric cable from Hilltop Bungalow's ordinary domestic electrical sockets in order to charge their car batteries. Doing so has Health and Safety ramifications and also issues that could adversely affect Hilltop's house insurance.
  • Access. We shall have the right of entry to Hilltop Bungalow at all reasonable times, we will of course, always give prior notification to the current guests (except in an emergency where immediate access may be required). On occasions it may be necessary for a tradesman to attend to effect a repair, service the gas boiler etc. Either Keith or Helen Parkin will always be present if a tradesman has to enter the property. Usual reasons needed to attend the property are:
  • a) to attend to any matter of complaint;

    b) to attend to any repair or other maintenance;

    c) mow the lawn/tend the garden (there is an external electrical socket installed at Hilltop thus there will be no need for us to enter the property to mow the lawn and tend the garden);

    d) for quality inspections meter reads, PAT testing of appliances etc.

  • Breakages. We understand that accidents do happen and we would not charge for small items like crockery or glassware that get broken but for larger items that are damaged you may be liable to pay for them. In the event of any breakages please inform us so that we can replace them at the earliest opportunity.
  • Right to Evict
    We reserve the right to evict you (without compensation being payable to you) if this is deemed necessary by us; for example, should complaints be made of anti social behaviour or unreasonable breakages or damage occurs or smoking restrictions are not observed or the Cottage is being otherwise misused.
  • Covid 19 Conditions. 
  • Government health measures and instructions with regard to and that affect holidaying at Hilltop Bungalow, must and will be adhered to by both the owners and guests. Part of which means that if local or national lockdowns are implemented that forbids guests travelling to and staying in Hilltop Bungalow then the owners, Keith & Helen Parkin, will have no option but to cancel the holiday. Because of these Government instructions with regard to the pandemic, we will refund in full any monies guests have paid for their holiday at Hilltop Bungalow, this includes for the following; Guests being unable to travel due to Government instructions or they have contracted Covid 19 or in quarantine just prior to the commencement of their holiday, or we have to cancel your holiday because we have contracted Covid 19 or in quarantine ourselves, or previous guests have contracted Covid 19 whilst staying at Hilltop Bungalow, or the authorities have forced us to close. The full refund of monies paid for the holiday will be the limit of our liabilities to you.
  • You will only be refunded if the holiday is cancelled  prior to your arrival at Hilltop Bungalow. You will be liable for the full cost of your booking if you cancel your holiday part-way through your stay Hilltop Bungalow.   
  • No smoking or vaping is allowed inside Hilltop Bungalow.
  • Due to fire safety no candles are to be lit inside the house, also no barbeques or fireworks are allowed to be lit in the garden at Hilltop.
  • Regrettably no dogs or pets are allowed to stay at Hilltop Bungalow.