Privacy Policy - Data Protection.

Data Protection Act.

We take the privacy of your data extremely seriously. We recognise and adhere to our legal obligations to protect your personal information under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Accordingly we are registered with the Information Commissioner Office (ICO), registration number A83229369.

Information Manager/Data Controller.

The business name is Hilltop Bungalow, Ingleton and it is managed and run by Helen Parkin. The Data Controller is Keith Parkin.

We are husband and wife and our contact phone number and email address is;

Phone Number - 015242 42400.

Email address is

 Your personal data is kept electronically on our computer which is secured by a password known only by Keith and Helen Parkin and physically in 'hard copy format' in a diary/calendar that is kept securely in our office. Also our computer is protected by up-to date anti-virus and spy-ware. 

Cookies & Web-Site Browsing. 

We use Google Analytics which measures visitors to our website, it records what pages you view on our site, how you arrived on our site, your city and your country. 

This information is anonymous and does not personally identify you. So we do not know your name, who you are, or your address, just that someone has visited our site.  

The information we collect from Google Analytics helps us see what parts of our website are being viewed, how they arrive at our website and from what source.

The website also uses;, which allows website visitors to share pages of the website using social media, email and print.

If you wish to opt out of the Cookies/website browser you can do this by clicking onto 'Decline Cookies' (the notification section which is located at the bottom of the page of our website). 

Booking Enquiry.

If you make a booking enquiry we collect your name, phone number and email address in order to respond. We will not use this information for any other purpose.

If no booking is made we delete all of your details.

Booking Confirmation.

If you make a booking we collect your name, address, phone number and email address through our booking form or rental listing site. We will use these only to process and manage your booking by email, phone or post. Also for our own data analysis to assess the effectiveness and value of the rental list sites we advertise with..

After Your Stay'

We may feature feedback that we collect from you that you post in our Guest Comments Book and our rental listing sites, showing just your first name and home town, e.g. Pete from Derby.

Please contact us if you do not want your feedback to be featured.

Personal Data Storage Time.

We will keep your personal data for a period for a period of 6 years specifically for accounting and HMRC tax queries.

Personal Data Security.

Be assured we will not pass your details on to other organisations or persons unless where we may be obliged to do so by law as a result of a request by the Police, Criminal or Civil Court Order, HMRC, NHS Test and Trace (Covid 19), Public Health Officers or other lawful authority.

Also, if circumstances occurred whereby we had to make an insurance claim of items or the building of Hilltop Bungalow were damaged or destroyed whilst you were staying at Hilltop Bungalow. We would in this instance pass on your details to our insurers.

Apart from that we will not share your information with anyone else.

How to Change or Access the Information We Hold About You.

Please contact us by letter or email if you want to:

  • Change any of your details such as your email address.
  • Remove your details from our customer database.
  • Remove any of your feedback or other comments from this website or our rental listing sites.
  • To let you know what details we currently hold about you.